Data generation,
de-identification and augmentation services

GrayRain designs innovative tools, builds effective AI services and promotes large-scale data-driven health analytics.


Promoting a culture of safe data sharing in healthcare industry.

Synthetic Patient Generation

Used to generate heterogeneous simulated datasets

Data Obfuscation

Used to statistically obfuscate existent clinical data and balance the risk of patient de-identification

Data Augmentation

Used to augment and append existing data archives to increase the number of cases

About us

Striving to make data more accessible for everyone.

GrayRain strives to make data more accessible for everyone.
We want to cultivate an ecosystem that accelerates research and innovation to save lives.

Since our founding in 2019 at the University of Michigan, we have hit the ground running.

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Putting more safely masked, integrally sound data in the hands of those who can make it speak.